Coaches Code of Conduct

We play Cricket with the expectation that we will leave the game in a better shape than it was before we arrived.


  • The processes by which we achieve are the rules that we set ourselves to coach by
  • Every cricketer plays in the best interest of the team not in the best interest of winning
  • Injured players do not play until cleared by a doctor to do so. Coaches self worth is not judged on the result of the game. This means be proud when the juniors give 100% and allow yourself to be disappointed when they don’t give it their best.

Allow all cricketers to develop to their fullest potential by providing them with decision making opportunities and empower them to take on responsibility to be less dependant on the coach. Remember you influence the life of the junior cricketers in many ways. The most profound is the shaping of their values. A coach can bring this philosophy of coaching and life to the players by living it and communicating it. Doing this simple things show you care.

The desired outcome for all Concord Briars Juniors is to offer every single cricketer the opportunity to develop their game to the fullest potential and in conjunction with the Briars Sporting Club create outstanding cricketers and people in general.

Attributes of a good coach

Be prepared


Have Fun

Be a good role mode

Improve your own skills

Take a Level 1 Cricket Course

Get ideas from other parents and children themselves

Talk to other coaches

Read books/videos from your local library