The Players Code of Conduct


The Spirit of Cricket

Cricket has traditionally been one sport to maintain and promote the highest levels of conduct and sportsmanship. We are all familiar with the saying “It isn’t cricket” which implies that a certain type of behaviour is unacceptable. This document is a set of guidelines to provide all members with an understanding of the expectations the club has of each and every player, parent and spectator. These guidelines are relevant during match days (on and off the field), training, when attending club functions and at any other time when representing Concord Briars Cricket Club. The Code of Behaviour forms part of the Cricket Australia Code of Behaviour and the Committee of the Concord Brairs Cricket Club has adopted these guidelines for all players, umpires, coaches and parents of players representing the Concord Briars Cricket Club. 


Our objective is to ensure that all players, when representing Concord Briars Cricket Club, play cricket in the true spirit and traditions of the game so that the game can be enjoyed by all - including spectators, opposing players and umpires.


Expectation of Parents

The Committee of the Concord Brairs Cricket Club expect the parents of junior players to support appropriate behaviour from all players.  It is expected that as a parent you will take responsibility for your child at training and at the games.  If you are unable to attend/stay at training or a game, it is expected that you will arrange for someone else to take on responsibility for your child – please do not just assume that the coach/manager will do this. 

Please ensure if you are not in attendance at training/game that you are contactable in the event of an incident (e.g. illness, accident) or early completion of the game. 

Player Availability

Cricket is a game that heavily relies on punctuality of all players. If a player is not available to play a game during the season, you must notify your coach and/or manager (preferably by phone – please does not send an email the night before a game and assume the manager/coach will receive the message).  Please provide as much notice as possible, though it is understood that sometimes this will not be until the morning of the match in the case of sickness. 


Match Days

Players are to arrive at the ground at least 30 minutes before the commencement of play.   At the games there are various duties that need to be done such as collecting the boundary markers and packing away the kit bag.  The players and parents will be responsible for assisting in these duties. It is expected that all players will show good behaviour on the sideline.  It is expected that the parents on the sideline will help to ensure that players’ behaviour is acceptable. The competition draw is set at the beginning of the season and parents need to be aware that due to ground and player availability at times games may be scheduled on Saturday Afternoons and/ or Sundays. All parents agree to have their child available in the event of this occurring. All games are played in the local areas within a 10 km radius of Concord. Parents need to be available to score at least once every season. They also need to be available when a request is made by the team manager and/ or coach. In the event of a game being cancelled due to ground closure or heavy rain you will be notified by your team manager at least 1 hour prior to the game commencing. If your manager or coach has not contacted you, Assume the game is on!

It is important that each child has enough cold water and sunscreen to stop or lessen the risk of dehydration and sunburn.

Playing Attire

The Club playing shirt and club cap provided are the compulsory uniform and must be worn at all games. You are required to purchase white pants or white shorts and they must be worn to each game. (Please refer to the IWHDCA Rules 23.1)...

Umpiring Decisions

The umpire’s decision is final and should be accepted immediately, whether batting or fielding. A bowler is entitled to ask the umpire why he turned the appeal down, but should accept this explanation, if one is given, and immediately play on. The use of offensive language to an umpire is not acceptable.

Upon being dismissed

The actions of the dismissed batsmen – in failing to leave the crease promptly on being given out and then banging his bat on the ground or throwing the bat on returning to the sideline, including audible foul language, is unacceptable.

Training Expectations

All players are expected to train once a week. It is understood that work/school commitments can clash with those of the cricket club, but every effort should be made to attend training. Your coach should be made aware if you are unable to attend training.   

Training is to be used to improve your game and those that you are training with. Remember, the players you are training with are your team mates and you should show support for each other.  No player is to leave training early without notifying the person in charge of training.

Training Attire

The training shirt and shorts provided by the club should be worn at all training sessions.

Playing Equipment

The Club will provide each team with a standard kit. Players may use their own equipment if preferred. Please note that no player or parent should touch another player’s personal kit or borrow player’s equipment. You must use the kit provided or purchase your own equipment. Each child must wear the correct protection whilst participating. In the Traditional age groups a personal protector is compulsory

Social Functions

Throughout the season there are several functions organised by the Committee.  The key functions include the Annual Presentation Night.   It is expected that players will make every effort to attend club functions.


We hope that all who come to this wonderful club of ours remember to “leave it in a better shape than when they first arrived”



You do well to love cricket, for it is more free from anything sordid,

Anything dishonorable than any game in the world.

To play it keenly, generously, self-sacrificing is a moral lesson in

Itself, and the classroom is the air and sunshine.

Foster it my brothers so that it may attract all who find the time to

Play it, protect it from anything that will sully it,

so that it may grow in favour with all.